Profile: Foster Schlienz and doing it on your own

Sometimes you have to just D.I.Y.

Foster Schlienz would know; the budding content creator's new video series "Doers" will profile entrepreneurs, bloggers, athletes -pretty much anyone working on a solo professional project.

Brentwood music continues with Empourium’s Friday Nights

It's a busy morning in Brentwood Bay's "hybrid cafe", the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium (or BBVE for short). Speaking over muffins and scones with co-owner Alice Bacon, the tinkering of cutlery and small talk clutters our conversation. It's not the menu I'm discussing with Bacon, but a more auditory matter. Mix a need for cozy venues, a love of all things arts, and a background in communications, and you get the Friday Nights at the BBVE.