Wetting the whistle

I’ve only brushed the surface on spots to wet the whistle in Victoria, but have found a couple of good ones during a night out.

The first of course, was a stop at Bartholomew’s Pub at the corner of Douglas and Humboldt Street. Their blueberry fizz prosecco drink was quite strong, but with the wisps of syrup and whole blueberries mixed in, it provided a hardy, yet sweet drink to the evening.

The night was still young, and unsure of where to stop next, went with my companion to what he considered the “best cocktail place in Victoria”, Clive’s Classic Lounge. Located in the Chateau Victoria, the atmosphere was sophisticated, and perfect to pair with an a-line dress, and high heels. I was not looking for any more alcohol, and settled on their Chai Milk Punch drink. Featuring almond milk, jagasilk chai tea syrup, turmeric elixir, and lemon juice, it was a fine mix of sweet and sour, like a lemon cookie as an icy drink.

Here’s hoping everyone had a fun weekend, whether they drank or not 😉

Cheers! 🥂

-Santarossa Soundbites

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