Five things (and more five things)

5 things (and more five things): While scrolling through blog posts I came across Millennial Life Crisis' blog post about "Five Things" which apparently has been going around the WordPress community. I thought I'd join in!

While scrolling through blog posts I came across Millennial Life Crisis’ blog post about “Five Things” which apparently has been going around the WordPress community. I thought I’d join in!

5 things getting me through quarantine:

  1. Playing piano: this week I’ve been getting back into playing piano regularly (though have been playing throughout this pandemic), and it is a sanctuary. It’s a break from the news, the screens, that demon whispering “you’re getting nothing done.” I’ve got Oh Wonder’s “Ultralife” and Parachute’s “Kiss Me Slowly” in the works, which I hope to perform soon. 🎶🎹
  2. Reading: Oh, I’ve missed reading books. My mom (Happy Mother’s Day!) gave me several books to read a few weeks ago, with the most recent being the first book of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I am thoroughly sucked in. It’s the first book in a long time where I am completely engrossed and struggle to put down. Books are escape, my safe space; at least for now.
  3. Video Calls: When I need to see friends in the (virtual) flesh, I am lucky enough to have it through video calls. While the audio acts up, video freezes, and even connection lost, it can be a lifeline. This is true for family too, especially those across oceans, and languages.
  4. Bike rides: Thanks to my new office job, my exercise routine has practically stopped. The times I can ride helps boost those endorphins, keeps everything moving, and helps me feel a little more free despite all these restrictions. I’m so, so, lucky to move with relative freedom here in BC.
  5. Petals For Armour, Hayley Williams: The Paramore front-woman has struck out on her own with her debut album Petals For Armour. The tracks talk of deep and dirty personal growth, from past shame, anxiety, allowing to be vulnerable, and femininity. She’s been consistently dropping new music for weeks leading up to her May 8 release of the LP. Each new song dropped (and anticipation of more) brought some excitement and something to look forward to and listen as the world turned upside down. My personal favourites include “Pure Love”, “Dead Horse”, “Simmer”, and “Sudden Desire.”

5 WordPress blogs to check out:

  1. Millennial Life Crisis: Her journal-like entries are engaging with descriptive entries about job hunting, tips and tricks about marketing, or life updates up in northern BC. Each post is like an unfinished map, leaving you wanting more, and to see where the journey will lead. Check it out!
  2. Thoughts on Current Films: His reviews of films are what I aspire to write. Joel Alexander knows how to highlight the best and worst of each film he’s seen, making me want to watch every single one of their entries. So, so good.
  3. River of Word Flow: A constant writer of witty prose, from the mundane to the profound, all in simple Comic Sans font. Utterly delightful.
  4. Lifesfinewhine: I love her casual writing style and excellent use of gifs. Check out her Six Word Stories and let your imagination run wild.
  5. Alish Sinclair: If I ever need a taste of Scotland, I go to her page. From gorgeous woodland photos, to updates on her creative writing, she’s a wonderful addition to the WordPress world.

5 places to go in Victoria once quarantine is over

  1. Bin 4 Burger Lounge: Excellent local burger joint. I don’t know if I’ll ever review it because it holds a special place in my heart for evenings out with friends.
  2. Island View Beach: One of my favourite beaches on the Peninsula. From the long stretch of silky sand, driftwood shelters, to the golden grassy trails stretching out from behind, it’s a wonderful spot to take in the sea.
  3. La Taquisa: I need to try their burritos. That is all.
  4. Hatley Castle: The grandeur, the gardens, the historic backdrop, the X-Men. . . I’m half kidding about the last part, though the films were partly shot there.
  5. Friends and families houses: I have to. You do too. I can’t wait.

5 foods I love:

  1. Chocolate: Those who know me knows this is no surprise. Need to verify? Check out my checking-out of Montreal-based chocolate shop extravaganza known as Cacao 70.
  2. Bacon: It’s bacon.
  3. Peperonata: This Italian dish involves a mix of bell peppers simmered with diced tomatoes, onions, eggplant, zucchini and often a whole head of garlic. It’s a part of my Italian culture, and I can tell you, it truly is a power wash to your insides. Need a bit more flavour? Add some leftover bacon grease. Less waste, and makes it all the more delicious!
  4. Bananas
  5. Brownies: not the pot ones though.

I’m sure I have more 5 things lists I could write, but I’ll get to those if need be. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and get a bit of inspiration from anything I’ve featured. I live for sharing the things I love with others.


-Santarossa Soundbites

2 thoughts on “Five things (and more five things)

  1. Love your version! I loved hanging out at Island View Beach when I lived there. My favourite beach was Cordova Bay. I’m assuming you’ve been there too? The sun, the sand, bonfires on the beach… just a magical place.

    Also, I should’ve put bacon on my list.
    Your list is making me rethink my list.

    Liked by 1 person

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